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In the 1920s, the grandparents of the current generation of the Caballero family became transport pioneers in the town of Calatayud.

Using horse-drawn carts, they transported all types of goods which arrived at the train station and delivered them to businesses in Catalayud and surrounding areas.
Progress & consolidation
The company gradually grew and consolidated its position, becoming one of the first to own a motor vehicle that was used for the transport all kinds of materials and, in particular, for house removals.

Decades later in the 1960s, the company secured the first permit to transport goods between Zaragoza and Arcos de Jalón. In the 1980s, Alfredo Caballero took over the reins of the company converting it into a benchmark for transport and distribution in Calatayud and increasing its area of influence to the regions of Cariñena, Daroca and Aranda.

Alfredo, Fernando and Pilar Caballero have subsequently continued the work started by their father and, thanks to their exclusive dedication to the family business, have turned it into the leading transport and distribution firm in the area.
TAC Logística
In more recent years the growing professionalization and modernisation of the company led it to develop into what is today’s TAC, a benchmark company in transport and advanced logistic services which offers its clients global solutions for the current markets.