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TAC Logística
Our Services
TAC logistics has an objective:
To offer an innovative logistics service, adapted to the needs of each company.

We offer a wide range of services to cover the needs of our clients, introducing new ideas to the market which provide high added-value. A key tool in achieving this is a computer system that is specially adapted and a route structure that is in line with our different services. Increasing our productivity means that we can save time and costs, not only for ourselves but for all the companies who trust in us and in our solutions to optimise their resources, their people and their assets.

TAC offers a wide range of services covering every possible need:

                TAC COURIER

                TAC PARCEL

                TAC PALLET

                TAC CARGO

                TAC INTERNATIONAL

                TAC MARITIME

                TAC AIR

                TAC LOGISTICS

                ADVANCED SERVICES

We will advise you on the best transport option for sending anything from an envelope to a shipping container...

And our logistics system keeps track on goods from when they leave the factory until they arrive at the destination so you do not have to worry about monitoring, storage, handling, etc.

The advantage for our clients is that:
- They can concentrate entirely on their business
- Manufacturing and selling their products without having to worry about logistics and transport activities.